The Night

the night held promise.
it called out to me.
in the dark clubs, with the loud music, the scary ladies
and the bathroom stalls where I snapped my dreams in two.

i experienced magic once or twice
and it kept me coming back.
deep down I knew magic wasn’t real.
but I was a desperate believer, easy to fool.

i craved what could kill me
because it tasted so sweet
getting dressed up just to come undone.

i wanted to be more than I am
i am always seeking
looking for you, looking for me
looking for a place where I can be free,
every time I think I’ve found it I close my eyes and I spin
i get dizzy, stumble in a new direction

north to ground me
south to light me up
east to breath
west to believe

when things fall apart, I celebrate.
i’ve got the power to rebuild.
god knows I love a new beginning.

The sun fills the sky, bright and burning
I squint my eyes and it sinks
Twilight comes, the stars appear
And it reminds me of dawn

I get that feeling and it grows.

The night holds promise,
It calls out to me


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