Month: August 2018

The Night

the night held promise.
it called out to me.
in the dark clubs, with the loud music, the scary ladies
and the bathroom stalls where I snapped my dreams in two.

i experienced magic once or twice
and it kept me coming back.
deep down I knew magic wasn’t real.
but I was a desperate believer, easy to fool.

i craved what could kill me
because it tasted so sweet
getting dressed up just to come undone.

i wanted to be more than I am
i am always seeking
looking for you, looking for me
looking for a place where I can be free,
every time I think I’ve found it I close my eyes and I spin
i get dizzy, stumble in a new direction

north to ground me
south to light me up
east to breath
west to believe

when things fall apart, I celebrate.
i’ve got the power to rebuild.
god knows I love a new beginning.

The sun fills the sky, bright and burning
I squint my eyes and it sinks
Twilight comes, the stars appear
And it reminds me of dawn

I get that feeling and it grows.

The night holds promise,
It calls out to me


Muscle Memory

it’s taken me a while
to shake off my old life
thanks for being patient

when I look back now
i don’t recognize myself
i like what I see

so God damn brave
the world was mine
and I took it

a sudden shift of energy
release of muscle memory

now I’m on the other side


been running for so long
away from myself
towards somebody I’m proud of

they think I’m fearless
because I dance as I destroy the world
it’s a distraction

no one knows I’m scared
not even me
I’m so detached
I think I’m free

pressure creates diamonds
chaos creates stars
enveloped in both
I’m still invisible


He was skinny, but not too skinny,
He wore ripped jeans, I loved that
His hair looked like he had been electrocuted
Just like mine, except his was dark

He was tall, he wanted to be a model
That’s why he moved to the city
To be famous, just like the rest of us
I started calling him Naomi

Just like a Rottweiler,
He attracted a certain kind of danger
Dressed in fur, even in the summer
Smoking all of my cigarettes
I didn’t mind, he made me feel cool

I was in awe of his obsessions
His passion was dark and misguided
When he got jealous, he got violent
And it made everyone a little nervous
Because we all knew when it came down to it
And there’s nothing he wouldn’t do
For love