Small Town Coffee Shops

Small town coffee shops calling my name on a lazy Saturday night. I’ve been here before. I know this town. Not the people or the name of the streets but the way you feel when you get out of the car and make contact with the air. It’s always fall, its always an early morning. Its always a day free of commitments. Its the perfect person and music that makes you close your eyes. You have to close your eyes because if you’re sure that when you open them you’ll be taken back. Or taken forward. Either to place it all began or the place it will all come together. Music has that power and this coffee shops takes advantage of that. I’m not sure if its the caffeine or the endless  90’s playlist. I remember driving around Calgary with 10 people in my 4 seater car on my 18th birthday. Only some of us were allowed into the bar so we spent a good part of the evening driving around listening to “I’ll be” by Edwin Mcain singing at the top of our lungs. We could circle the same 4 block radius and still feel like we were making our great escapes. Sneaking away on the radio and into the discos for the first time.

This town doesn’t have discos but I’m sure if I threw a party people would come.



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