Vampires In Vegas

eurovegasWhen do the lights go out in Vegas? And when they do, where do they go? Who turns them out?

I imagine a giant warehouse with endless tubes of dead fluorescent.  In the city of sin where no one wants to stop, no one wants to go home there is a man who’s only job is to stop the party.  They don’t want to leave the penny slots, the free drinks, the all too accessible sex and any kind of drug you can imagine. The worlds largest candy store for the worlds fattest child. There are vampires running up and down the strip lost and confused by the sudden darkness, by the sudden silence. A place where Vampires crave the light. And the worlds biggest diva’s sink in their deep stages. Drowning because they cant breath without their spot light. And the richest poker players cant see their hands and their terrified to fold and so they freeze and the winning stops and they too start to drown. The hooker who used to twinkle like a string of christmas lights is now seen as she is, just a woman trying to get by. Trying to make it home in one piece even though there are pieces of her scattered across the desert. The resorts, the hotels, the clubs and the restaurants are just buildings. And since this is not the apocalypse and we are not seeking refuge the masses will continue to play with the zombies and the zombies will keep leading the way. Away from a dark desert and towards the next holy light.


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