I stood across the street from the Rio and watched the media huddle around the front door.  Every reporter and photographer in Canada was there. Hungry and waiting. The energy was electric. The sun was going down which made the tiny orange lights from The Rio sign burn even brighter. The occasional flashbulb that went off was the only thing that snapped me out of my daze. I finally had front row seats to a media spectacle!

Corrine Lea owns The Rio and is no stranger to making the news. She has fought the city on several issues in the past and wasn’t shy when it came to cameras. She is a fighter. A lioness protecting her den where she has the claws and the den is whatever the fuck she wants it to be. Corinne reminds me of Erin Brockovich. She looks you directly in the eye, has bouncy blonde hair (amongst other things) and lots of exposed flesh. Her sentences are a combination of politically charged statements and cutesy Lolita lilts. She exudes sex and makes you feel like at any moment she could pounce you, torture you with pleasure and make you beg for mercy. And thats exactly why every eye ball in the country was on her. She had recently pounced and everyone was grasping at the bits for her to dish on her latest victim.

On a rainy weekend in Vancouver a young and dashing Canadian politician who was experiencing a spasm of press decided to pop into The Rio for a quite night of entertainment. Somewhere he could get entertained without being the centre of attention. He could get to the theatre just as the show was starting wearing a baseball cap pulled low on his foreword, high collared jacket and a scarf.  It was fool proof. The perfect amount of disguise to let him get his ticket, a beer and take a seat without anyone recognizing. Or so he thought. Sure there was no fandom but the ticket person realized who it was and texted Corrine backstage.


An inside joke between Corinne and her staff, Corinne knew exactly who they were talking about.

On this particular Saturday night The Rio was hosting a night of long form burlesque starring…you guessed it…the lioness herself. Corinne took the stage as planned and dazzled the crowd with her hair tosses and high kicks. She straddled a chair and threw various items of clothing into the audience. Before you knew it she was practically naked on stage in front of a sold out audience. “Pour Some Sugar On Me” blared through the speakers so loud the entire theatre vibrated. Just before the climax of the piece Corinne surprised everyone by jumping off stage .The Rio doesn’t have a spot light that can follow you into the crowd so no one knew what she was doing. But that didn’t matter, they would know soon enough. When she finally popped back onto the stage she wasn’t alone. Maybe it was all those years she spent working in the dark theatre or maybe it was her superhuman female sex power but Corinne was able to find the disguised politician amongst the sea of people and drag him out of his seat and onto the stage behind her. She paraded her new friend around the stage as the crowd cheered. “Pour Some Sugar On Me” ended and “Milkshake” by Kelis started as Corinne forced the tall, dark and handsome man from Montreal into the chair that sat center stage. Not missing a beat Corinne had her legs instantly wrapped around him as she grinded wildly and laughed like the some comic book villian.  After she was done riding him like a Mary- go -Round she hopped off and crouched down in front of him. In one effortless flick of the wrist his belt came off, she pulled him to his feet and tore his pants off . At this point the crowd was loosing their minds. Corinne was born to do this.  Surprisingly the guy who initially wanted to spend the night incognito took off his jacket and his shirt and tossed his hat into the audience. There was a giant collective gasp that came from the theatre. You could hear a pin drop. He was naked and everyone knew who he was. Corinne had gone from Erin Brockovich to Monica Lewinsky by the time the song had finished. It was incredible.

Suddenly the front doors of The Rio swung open and Corinne walked out in spiked heels, red lipstick and a leather jacket. Instant. Media. Frenzy. Corinne had become the ultimate political sex symbol.

“CORINNE WHY DID YOU DO IT? ” every reporter asked

“Because I wanted to. And its 2015”



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