Famous blondes. My one real weakness. Their success, their glory, their peroxide.  I’m endlessly fascinated by the spectacle one famous person can cause. Have you ever watched a paparazzi video of Britney Spears going to Starbucks? Hypnotizing. The sounds of the grown men screaming her name, toppling over each other, burning the atmosphere with their strobing flashes.   I cant imagine anything more beautiful.  How comforting it would be to wake up and know there were 50 black SUV’s parked outside your house waiting to devour you.  A prison sentence for the social elite.  Millions of people donating huge chunks of their life to learning all about your dirty little secrets. The real superstar is the one with no where to hide and no desire to stop. The one who is pushed to the limits of sanity and forced to endure an experience only they could understand. Living on the outskirts of humanity. Torture disguised as glory.  Fame is the ultimate form self destruction. The only real way to live.


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