If I lived on the moon I would never have to think about success again. I would only need to wake up and fall asleep and the earthlings would watch in wonder.  I could watch the world twirl from the comfort of finally feeling accomplished. A simple existence.  Little boys and girls and gender fluid children would learn about me and my private rock floating in space. How I lived in isolation and glory. The dictator of a baron landscape. A loner with a killer view. If I lived on the moon I would be lighter. Not because of the gravity situation but because the pressure of becoming and achieving soemthing would be lifted.  And when I watched the Earth glow and bob in the endless night I would thank my lucky stars that I was able to depart such a dysfunctional system. I would send my love to all life forms stuck on the cement and enslaved to the money.  Yes it would be a wonderful feeling to never have to want anything ever again. But then of course- form here- Mars does look pretty good.


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