Month: September 2015

welcome to my unraveling

“You should party. You should be sober. You should go dancing. You should stay home. You should be in the alley chain smoking. You should be at the after party.  You are desperate for love but you’re not going to get it. You are desperate for validation but no body likes you. I’m broke. I’m lonely.  I’m addicted. I have to be famous . My dreams are too big. If you’re not successful you might as well die. You’re only pretending everything is ok. You should be a statue. You should be perfect.  You’re a disappointment. You have to impress everyone else. Everyone else in the world is more important than you. You can only relax if you’re getting attention. You’ve hit rock bottom. Wake up. Get Up. Fix this mess. ”  –  casual thoughts, casually insane